Why she doesnt bother with dating

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She knows you're always going to go for the girl who doesn't care, so she pretends to be her. As I'm sure you've come to understand, this can get confusing. I've outlined for you — in the most dummy-proof way I know how — the difference between what a woman does when she playshard to get versus what she does when she actually just doesn't like you. So she's going to wait for you to reach out to make sure you're interested. She'll casually mention an ex here or there, or maybe even tell you the story about the guy who was so obsessed with her at the bar last night. You want one who is willing to look stupid and foolishly passionate, refusing to let you, or anything else, go. No two people living together (or spending all their time together) will always be in a great mood.We’re bound to piss each other off every once in awhile.

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There's no such thing as a completely cool woman -- we all lose our cool sometime or another.

How can you tell if the girl you've been chasing around like a pathetic, spineless little weasel actually likes you a lot or if she really just doesn't like you? Once you reach out, she might take awhile to respond, but that perfectly crafted response will eventually make its way over to you. She just wants you to know she's a hot commodity, that she's here with you, but she be with anyone else if you, for some reason, dropped the ball.(D0n't drop the ball.)She's not trying to make you jealous. She wants to appear "busy" and "popular."Odds are, she doesn't even remember agreeing to this.

When you open up your conversation with her, it's an endless string of pitiful grey bubbles gone completely unanswered. You're just so deeply entrenched in the friend zone that she's venting to you about some other dude she actually likes.

They've drawn up elaborate fantasies in which on their arm is the perfect, silent girlfriend who goes along with everything they say and never, ever talks back or questions.

Women are not known for their stoic “suck it up and don’t let anyone know how you feel” attitude.

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