Why is dating so complicated

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Most guys would happily take a photo like that from an attractive women. Consequently, guys ask why are women so complicated simply because women don’t want their gross junk photos! So, while women can seem complicated, they aren’t really all that difficult to decipher if you know what to look for.

When I was in 10th grade, I was attempting to date a girl named Wendy.

We got along very well and she seemed to really like me.

Here are a few general differences: Men -Care more about looks for first impression; personality secondary -Prefer slimmer, shorter women -Want to be admired -Turned on visually (hence the popularity of adult websites) Women -Attracted to personality and power more than looks -Prefer taller guys -Receive visual attention -Turned on more through language/experience (popularity of erotica books) Before I get angry emails, of course there are exceptions.

But, studies show these are general differences for the majority of men and women. There’s nothing wrong with these types of differences.

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