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Talking to an angry Merchant and to the mistresses who fed Woods’s massive appetite for extramarital sex, the author dissects the ruin of a champion.Mindy Lawton, a 34-year-old restaurant hostess who had a 14-month affair with Tiger Woods, is taking me on a tour of the golfer’s indiscretions.“It’s so important to have empathy for the kids because the breakup is hard for them too,” adds Mann.“Help them process their feelings by telling them that they can feel free to talk about it with you even if they’re angry or disappointed or upset with you and/or their parent.” Don’t: Share details about the breakup.

She’s still svelte and shapely, a sweet, ivory-skinned young woman with long black hair falling in ringlets over her shoulders.“It may fuel hope that you’re getting back together.” Please follow @Yahoo Parenting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.Have an interesting story to share about your family?Have your ex talk to your kids on the phone periodically and spend time with them (1-hour max) doing an activity they enjoy once a week. “Happy family” time with the kids along with your ex would be too confusing, says Mann.“It may fuel hope that you’re getting back together.” " data-reactid="34"Helping kids understand Do: Make sure children know that this is not their fault.

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