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If only it were as easy as donning black lycra and dancing around to the classic 1990's Salt n Pepa song.

There are so many reasons why good communication is paramount to a good relationship, yet communicating effectively around researchers who compiled the study.

The student of an elite suburban Mumbai school now spends his weekends in a counsellor's couch to "unlearn" the Facebook jargon and learn how not to bare his soul to strangers.It was an alien lingo, a mishmash of letter-and-number codes, acronyms and crunched words that looked straight out of a secret mission code.'Ridneck; got MWI last night', 'pir ttyl' flashed a post with a picture of a gang of pals surrounded by beer bottles.This is partly because of the volume of people using social media networks.One automatically assumes because so many people are using it, it must be safe.

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