The objective of using quickbird image in topographical map updating

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Furthermore, there are no methods for determining what the advantages anddrawbacks of each methodology are.In this paper, authors, compare the four most commonly used MAS meta-models (ROADMAP, HILM, Styx, SONIA) in order to identify the main components that can be used to specify a single, generic MAS meta-model.The results show that the texture recognition rate by the DCT is 52%, and the FDCv T via Wrapping is 88%.But the new technique of (FDCv T via Wrapping and DCT) achieves better recognition rate (92%).Thus, not only are new methodologies urgently required, new evaluation techniques are also mandatory.It is not easy to specify a particular methodology for the development of any system.The results showed that statistically significant differences were found between the mean scores of the experimental group and the control group on the post-WPT in favor of the experimental group.The results also revealed that there were statistically significant differences in the mean scores of the experimental group between the pre- and post-WPT in favor of the post-WPT.

This study aimed at investigating the effect of using wikis to develop prospective English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers' writing performance.

The proposed controller enhances the reactive power level which is affected by electrical grid voltage and/or load disturbances where the controlled variables for the controller are system voltage and power production.

Final results were compared with practical database of wind turbine runs by conventional controllers without applying ANN, and found positive.

Suggestions for further research include investigating the effect of using wikis on developing prospective EFL teachers' collaboration and reflection.

This paper presents a proposed technique for texture recognition which depends on the combination of Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) with Fast Discrete Curvelet Transform (FDCv T) via Wrapping.

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