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Likewise, you should always use your University of Toronto email account when communicating with students.

AVOIDING CONFLICT OF INTEREST The Provost’s statement on Conflict of Interest and Close Personal Relations addresses situations like these.

As a TA, your relationship to your students is above all a professional one, and you should strive to keep your conduct beyond reproach.

These include: While you should be aware that these policies exist, also know that they’re not practical guidelines for crisis situations.

: If you are a TA for a small tutorial, where students are expected to know one another or collaborate on group projects, some of these best practices might not be necessary or practicable.

Use your best judgement and err on the side of protecting privacy.

Undergraduate TAs (teaching assistants) are an important part of undergraduate classes here in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Each semester a number of undergraduates TAs play vital roles in our introductory classes.

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