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The actress' fans were supremely disappointed with the reports.But on Monday evening, Vignesh shivan took to Twitter to rubbish all the rumours and asked the media to 'relax'.Nayanthara and Vignesh shivan even took a holiday to Mauritius earlier this month.The actress gifted him an expensive car and a few weeks ago she introduced him to her parensts.But with this clarification from shivan, looks like millions of Nayanthara's fan can heave a sigh of relief."Thoughtless", another single from Korn's album Untouchables, also was successful; the single reached number 11 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart and number 6 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.

Speculations at one point of time also said that they were engaged to marry.In the book Brave Nu World, Tommy Udo wrote about the nu metal band Coal Chamber, "There's some evidence to suggest that Coal Chamber were the first band to whom the tag 'nu metal' was actually applied, in a live review in Spin magazine." all released their debut albums.Korn and Mudvayne maintained their popularity during the mid-2000s, although they did not completely abandon the nu metal style.[i]t doesn't bother us at all, we know we're going to piss people off with this record, but some people hopefully will actually sit down and listen to the whole record".Anushka Shetty has become the favourite girl of rumour mongers, who speculate about her wedding every now and then.

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