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The displayed number of videos uploaded yesterday is limited to 50, so if there were more videos uploaded, the number will still show 50.If the game has commonly used word as its name (like "FEAR" or "Volume") its number of Youtube views might be wrong.Ten years prior to the story, the gateway between the worlds of the gods and devils were opened, and since then, people from all races have been immigrating between the worlds. In middle school, the two meet and later befriend Asa Shigure, another heroine of Shuffle! While she has a weak constitution, she makes up for it with her energetic tomboy personality and is an excellent cook. CG art scene of Kareha and Tsubomi that appears in Shuffle! For this screenshot, the text has been hidden to allow for an unobstructed view of the art, a common feature of visual novels.

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After some more conversation the visual novel ends.

that follows the romantic life of Rin Tsuchimi, a high schooler, who finds himself being sought after by a variety of girls. Rin shows minimal initiative when dealing with girls, but he develops feelings for both Sia and Nerine quickly when they arrive and spends more and more time with them.

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The first was serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's magazine Comptiq between December 20.

There have been two manga series based on the visual novel.

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