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Overall: 9/10 If you want a shocking yet joyful ride then buy this game and head right into a fantasy world almost like reality.

Everything from the opening and to the ending is shocking, especially if you have played Shadow Hearts then this ending will blow you completely away, this game is worth your time, don't cheat yourself take the ride and remember a single last sentence.

In the end, Rasputin was ambushed and assassinated by a group of politicians.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant presents quite an interesting alternate story of this person.

Gameplay: 10/10 How you play in this game and how many weirds things you stumble upon is huge, everything is done with excellence from the battles to even the small things around Europe and Asia.

He considered himself a messenger of God and claimed to have magical healing powers.

As opposed to the first game, magic is obtained by equipping crests of various elemental types.

These crests and the magic spells they contain can be swapped between characters.

Many people considered him a cheat and a scoundrel, but his influence on other people (mostly women) was immense.

The Empress was suspected in having a love affair with him.

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