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That might not be true at all for you, but it comes across that way to the person whose concern has been dismissed or minimized.

If you have fears or concerns about counseling, tell your partner that you want to improve your marriage too, but that you have concerns.

Marriage, partnerships and relationships of all kinds create the fabric of our lives.

Our most important relationships bring us the greatest joy and sometimes, the deepest pain.

Conflicts and disconnects, big or small, invite you to increase your relational intelligence and competencies.

Mistakes, unhappiness, or obstacles can teach you some of your most important life lessons – whether or not you want them!

I like girls who have confedence, open-minded and just re..

I am trying to meet some people before I get out there.

If your interested in getting to know me shoot me a message.

Google reports show that 470,000 people look for websites about marriage or couples counseling every month! They value their marriage, family and/or partnership.

They long to feel close, connected and loving as they once did.

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