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Norman's mother was voiced by Virginia Gregg, Paul Jasmin, and Jeanette Nolan, who also provided some screams for Lila's discovery of the mother's corpse.

The three voices were thoroughly mixed, except for the last speech, which is all Gregg's.

Both Gein (who lived just 40 miles from Bloch) and the story's protagonist, Norman Bates, were solitary murderers in isolated rural locations.

Each had deceased, domineering mothers, had sealed off a room in their home as a shrine to her, and dressed in women's clothes.

While Norman sits in a holding cell, "Mother" protests that the murders were Norman's doing. Until her death, Leigh continued to receive strange and sometimes threatening calls, letters, and even tapes detailing what they would like to do to Marion Crane.

One letter was so "grotesque" that she passed it along to the FBI, two of whose agents visited Leigh and told her the culprits had been located and that she should notify the FBI if she received any more letters of that type.

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Hoping to shake his pursuit, Marion stops at an automobile dealership and trades in her Ford Mainline, with its Arizona license plates, for a Ford Custom 300 that has California tags. The proprietor, Norman Bates, invites her to a light dinner after she checks in.

Norman takes his unwilling mother from her room and hides her in the fruit cellar. Sam distracts him by striking up conversation while Lila sneaks up to the house. Lila turns her around and discovers she is a mummified corpse.

When Sam tells Norman they have come to question his mother, he knocks Sam out and rushes to the house. Lila screams as Norman runs into the cellar, holding a knife and wearing his mother's clothes and a wig.

Norman discovers the murder and assumes his mother is responsible.

He cleans up the crime scene, putting Marion's corpse and her possessions—including the embezzled money—into the trunk of her car and sinking it in the swamps near the motel.

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