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These chapters also go beyond merely discussion of how one could employ the methodology, they also iriclude an analysis of strengths and weaknesses.In particular the chapters on interrupted time series and single-case study designs provide wonuerful critiques and helpful directions.

Last but noc least, qualitative methodologies including the ethnographic interview are described.The inclusion of school social work in u'^e devel cpn^of these services has recognized the unique and valued coiiiributior of ihis p actice specialty. Although social workers may feel with some justification that tht outcomes of their work are not always v^'sibie and immediate or measur- able, there is a danco^ that this position can become an excuse for inaction.Though much has :cr, lirile ;n tr.e /..v/ o'^ an aceoudte, scncol e.rpiricai fo.i Uuution l I'O'^' v\':icn to base tn^s nceo -\l£t^ subs\c^t a^- anu dociim^nt ti^o ^ociai i.o^N ^n.^'-yrvr i( r:. icol dis -a:.irg^y c : ^" ^ uj^ ' ' ppci^i •■uve idcnlif,ed ;d Pnt. ^ t nu, -T ind ^juprn t se^^vi^os ir, :tention ^^^h-. In our opi^'ion, a profession Ifiat aces not evaluate itself runs the risk of being jxcluaea from t'le educational enterprise, partic- ularly when budget, reduction is required. "hey are pa-^ of a single process --the ^^clping oroce^s.Considering the difficulties inherent m the undertaking, readers will find the content m mis section most useful fo'^ successfully facilitat- ing their research aqi'Resources for Research Section Three aciresses a central concern of practitioner- researchers, that is, how to gain bibliographic mastery of the litera- ture affecting one's research and writing.

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