Online dating for underage teens

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Your parents aren’t worrying unduly when they cautioned you against meeting strangers from online.

As recent news shed more light on the unsettling case of Josh Robinson, we learned that he actually met his victims through dating sites.

Sometimes, all a predator needs is an underage teenager who’s seeking validation and attention from an outsider.

here’s a clip on You Tube that shows part of a 1958 television interview with Jerry Lee Lewis, then 22, and his wife, Myra Gale, then just 13.

Even though it’s strictly 18 on Ok Cupid but is it really?

As much as we hate to admit it, some of us may have created an account on Ok Cupid even before we were legal – because it’s so easy to do so.

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Chances are you may have come across these sites, but you didn’t pay much attention to it as everyone else is getting on dating sites (or apps) these days.Although she asked him to delete the videos, he refused, saying that it was for his “viewing pleasure”.Dating sites are a double-edged sword Given the lack of age verification on dating sites, it has cast much doubt on the reliability and safety of these sites.In the video, Gale looks very much like the child she is.She’s tiny, barely coming up to Lewis’s shoulder, has a baby face, and is wearing a sailor dress.

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