Nokia 5800 died after updating

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Finally, we want to mention that the battery life is very good.Phones like this do tend to get used rather a lot, and big screens are hungry for power, but the battery capacity seems to be up to the job.The touch screen on this device can be annoying at times especially when typing on keyboards but you could improve this by using the updates Nokia have released. on 26th Apr 2012 First touch phone from Nokia..proud to own it...this phone on October 2009....still using it...the phone..having few problems..night this camera sucksss is becoming slow day by day...having problems to use the internet..web browser suckss...still love it since its the first touch phone from Nokia...thinking of taking a Android phone e.g Xperia x10...:) Rating: Reviewed by taylor from uk on 18th Apr 2012 I took a trip into nostalgia, comparing my old 5800 to this gleaming new slab of wizardry, aka Lumia 710.Overall its an ok phone, great camera, its no Iphone but could be a brilliant starter for touchscreen users. I have to day that I never forget the joys of first owning a 5800, sadly I don't feel the Lumia experience is in the same league.

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It's obviously spent a lot of time in the design studio, and it looks like Nokia wisely resisted the temptation to rush something out.The display will rotate automatically when you turn the phone to landscape mode.Normally the Xpress Music phones have dedicated buttons for music, and the 5800 has a dedicated virtual media bar for quick access to music controls, as well as functions like the gallery and web browser.The phone is also Wi Fi compatible, so you can get super fast data transfer speeds in the vicinity of a WLAN network or a Wi Fi Hotspot. As well as 3G and Wi Fi, the connectivity options include Bluetooth and USB, plus a TV-Out connection (cable supplied.) The 5800 Xpress Music is a Series 60 phone, and potentially there are going to be a lot of third-party apps available for downloading too.You get a couple of games and the standard Series 60 organiser applications with the phone, including document browsers and a good organiser.

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