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It's great value for money considering how comprehensive the material in it is.For the experienced or advanced it contains a lot of challenging ideas to stretch yourself, and to push yourself to get more out of your dating journey.Within its pages Mark has crammed a lot of information that covers everything from what the journey is all about, to what attracts women to practical advice on how to approach, attract and date women.As I read through this book, I realized that it contains most of the really good practical advice that was originally exchanged between men in the pickup artist community the Mystery Method became popular - but that never made it into commercial training programs or books later on.It covers most of the important things really well.If I were to list the things that have made a significant impact to my success in the game, this book, just on its own, would cover probably 80% of them.This focus on action carries all the way through the book, from chapter to chapter, through to the "Action plan" in the conclusion.This final action plan is a good summary and "reinforcement plan".

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All of this is clearly based on Mark's experience and rounds out the whole focus on getting real results.

The practical focus of this book stretches back to its strongest theme: inner game and mindsets.

At the core of the system are changes in your outlooks, mindsets and perceptions of the world.

From what to say, to how to approach, to what to do, there are always examples given from Mark Manson's own personal stories of what he has done.

This brings the content alive so that you can implement it yourself.

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    Barclay has also worked as a horse riding instructor, according to 417mag.

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    And although they came together as black men, they quickly realized they'd have to expand their circle.

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    The app also tells you how many times you’ve crossed paths with each person, meaning you quickly learn who your neighbours are (we have in the past recognised a man in my street and been unable to place him before realising we’d seen him on Bumble and we’d crossed paths 167 times).

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