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Conclusions These data support evidence that height and BMI play an important partial role in determining several aspects of a person’s socioeconomic status, especially women’s BMI for income and deprivation and men’s height for education, income, and job class.

These findings have important social and health implications, supporting evidence that overweight people, especially women, are at a disadvantage and that taller people, especially men, are at an advantage.

, a dark science-fiction anthology, premiered in 2011 with a morality tale about the internet that ends—and, naturally, this is a spoiler—with the fictional prime minister having sex with…a pig.

The similarities were striking enough that Charlie Brooker, the show’s creator, took to Twitter to call it a coincidence. In fact, the episode’s lessons are particularly relevant to how certain scandals—like, say, a politician sodomizing a farm animal—can take hold of the public’s imagination and become their own mega-memes.

Fig 1 Principle of mendelian randomisation: if height or body mass index (BMI) causally influences socioeconomic status, genetic variants associated with that trait will also be associated with socioeconomic status.

As genotype is assigned at conception, it should not be associated with factors that normally confound the association between BMI and height and socioeconomic status (eg, environmental and behavioural factors).

The associations between shorter stature and lower socioeconomic status tended to be stronger in men, and the associations between higher BMI and lower socioeconomic status tended to be stronger in women.

Results In the UK Biobank study, shorter stature and higher BMI were observationally associated with several measures of lower socioeconomic status.A new biography reports that UK prime minister David Cameron, while a student at Oxford, put “a private part of his anatomy” into the mouth of a dead pig as part of a hazing ritual.The unverified claim, which immediately scandalized the nation he leads, was made all the more shocking by the fact that a popular British television show more-or-less imagined such an act a few years ago.The outcomes being tested—here, measures of socioeconomic status—cannot influence genetic variation, so reverse causality is avoided in genetic studies.Figure 1 illustrates the principle of mendelian randomisation.

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