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This episode shows the entire break up scene between Jin-heon and Hee-jin and rather than feel that mortifying pain again…I skipped the entire scene.

I picked right back up where Jin-heon’s mother slaps him upside the head for getting into a contract relationship. This will be a tall order since Sam-soon’s mom already knows everything and doesn’t like Jin-heon. Jin-heon is polite and respectful, but mom is having none of it.

Yeesh, this poor guy is getting beat up all the time. In fact at one point she picks up a stick of some kind and charges towards Sam-soon. Ultimately, what it does take to win her favor is a night of drunk karaoke.

If I did this something this stupid, I would only get the “I’m not angry, I’m disappointed,” speech from my mother (but that always stings more than any slap so…well done, mom. Jin-heon gets in the way to take the brunt of the physical attack and actually gets knocked out. One moment he’s defending his girlfriend, the next, he’s hitting the floor with a THUD. (In my experience, this makes everything better.) Everything is great right?

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In close pursuit go girlfriend Detective Yoon So-ran (Yun Jin-seo), Ji Woo (Rain) and Jin Yi (Na-yeong Lee), with Nakamura (Sung Dong Il) linking up with the idiot local PI called James Bong (Jo Hee Bong).For the last one and a half decades, he has made sure that he works out daily.Even, if he can’t head to the gym, he makes sure that he jogs for half an hour every day.In December 2006, Daniel made his film debut in the South Korean romantic movie, Seducing Mr. In July 2005, Daniel made his first TV show appearance as a lead role of Dr.Henry Kim in the South Korean TV series, My Lovely Sam Soon While studying in high school and college, he was a basketball player, which means he already had a decent athletic routine in place.

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