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She helped protect a young girl who witnessed a murder in SILENCE.And in 2006 she found herself facing off against THE BLACK HOLE and later, her own masochistic self in LIVING DEATH.

After finding herself in a couple of genre friendly flicks, Kristy continued to work in television a lot, including the short-lived series about nurses called Nightingales in 1988-89. While horror wasn’t necessarily Swanson’s forte, she worked a ton.And for the love of bad sci-fi, she was not satisfied with one Louisiana shark, she went back to cheesy man-vs-nature movies with SWAMP SHARK in 2003. She appeared on the quirky little show Psych on the USA Network for about six episodes and she was awesome.And in 2006, the actress found herself on ice for the reality game show Skating with Celebrities. The original Buffy may well be all grown up, but man is she still smoking hot. In 2014, the actress appeared in a number of TV movies - she seems to dig Christmas flicks - including A BELLE FOR CHRISTMAS and MERRY EX-MAS. And at some point, you may be able to find her in a half hour comedy about country music called Stageville Inc.Yet, I wasn’t simply a fan of the television show, it was the quirky little movie of the same name that started off one of my all-time great crushes.Sarah Michelle Gellar rocked it as the “Chosen One,” but frankly, Kristy Swanson was one hell of a teenage dream when I caught this flick for the first time.

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