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* * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License * along with this distribution; if not, write to: * Free Software Foundation, Inc.

* 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor * Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA */ package org.hibernate.engine.spi; import

This is due to lack of implementation and may change in the future." [2] See the Btrfs Wiki FAQ for which mount options can be used per subvolume.

See Snapper#Suggested filesystem layout, Btrfs Sysadmin Guide#Managing Snapshots, and Btrfs Sysadmin Guide#Layout for example file system layouts using subvolumes.

To disable copy-on-write for newly created files in a mounted subvolume, use the Note: From chattr man page: "For btrfs, the 'C' flag should be set on new or empty files.

If it is set on a file which already has data blocks, it is undefined when the blocks assigned to the file will be fully stable.

Subvolumes can be moved around in the filesystem and are rather identified by their id than their path. One can mimic traditional file system partitions by creating various subvolumes under the top level of the file system and then mounting them at the appropriate mount points."A btrfs subvolume is not a block device (and cannot be treated as one) instead, a btrfs subvolume can be thought of as a POSIX file namespace.This namespace can be accessed via the top-level subvolume of the filesystem, or it can be mounted in its own right." [1] Each Btrfs file system has a top-level subvolume with ID 5.If the 'C' flag is set on a directory, it will have no effect on the directory, but new files created in that directory will have the No_COW attribute." flag.Btrfs supports transparent compression, meaning every file on the partition is automatically compressed.

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