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For replication purposes, two application directory partitions storing zone data (Domain Dns Zones and Forest Dns Zones) exist in every domain and forest.

This method is useful when both ISC and non-ISC-based DHCP servers and clients are updating the same zone.

DHCID (TXT) records- DHCP DDNS registration on behalf of clients uses hash of MAC for added layer of protection (Infoblox supports [Internet Security Consortium draft]).

Depending on your expected usage, you must carefully consider the various options for update verification.

Executive Overview The architecture and implementation of your Domain Name System (DNS) servers will define the following:- The availability of DNS components to the organizations entities.- The efficiency of name resolution in each portion of the enterprise.- The accuracy of DNS records for clients in all locations at any given time.- The security of DNS zones as they are presented to resolvers and network hosts and replicated to other DNS servers.- The security of DNS records that are statically entered or dynamically updated directly or via proxy.

DNS in Windows Networks DNS is the preferred name resolution standard in mainstream heterogeneous networks.

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