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Approved with subsequent amendments by the RU Curriculum Council on 5.6.2015 and by the RU Executive Committee on 11.6.2015. Registration 1.1 Registration for and Withdrawal from Examinations/Courses and Registration for Repeat Examinations and Supplementary Examinations Due to Illness Students are responsible for registering for courses before the registration deadlines announced on the University Academic Calendar, course registration is also registration for examinations for that course.Students are responsible for their own study, including course registration and ensuring that their course selection is in accordance with the course/department regulations and with rules on course advancement and prerequisites.A course, taken by a student, that is substantially similar in content as another course that the student has already finished, cannot be evaluated as a part of the degree in question.1.8 Advancement in studies and transfer of credits Reykjavik University has unified rules for advancement in studies and transfer of credits, both for BA/BSc studies and for master studies.Students who would like to withdraw from a course must send an e-mail to the RU Teaching Affairs department ([email protected]), before the deadline for that semester.

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The deadline for withdrawal from courses is after the fourth week of the semester.The fee for a repeat examination is non-refundable. Rules on Student Transfers between Departments A student wishing to transfer to another department within the same RU School must submit a written application to that effect to the relevant School.Such transfers to another department can only be made between semesters.Attending a course means that a student is still registered in a course after the deadline for withdrawal has passed.Students who apply for taking a course or examination again, which they have already completed, in order to raise their prior grade, must submit the application to the relevant School.

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