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The computer spit out the most compatible pairings.Neither company lasted long, but the computer- assisted dating model they promoted had a lot in common with the early days of the online dating sector in the mid-1990s.If there’s one pet peeve I have after 10 years in the love business, it’s people’s complete faith in fate.y the standards of the algorithmic, instant-judgment online dating age, Jess Kushner (MBA 2008) and Ken Deckinger have a story fit for an old-fashioned romantic comedy.

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Date Harvard Sq is open to people who graduated from Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, and even those sorry undergraduates who were only able to obtain one Harvard degree.

Would not recommend working here as a Staff Assistant - had a horrific experience and I was the fourth person in less than six months who had a horrific experience, that I know of.

Replacement and training for management is obviously needed.

Steve has presented at Harvard Business a number of times over the years and has enjoyed interacting with MBA candidates to provide insight into actual business transactions.

Steve Wain’s experience in consulting to small and middle-market businesses, evaluating their operations, and counseling owners in the preparation and sale of their business provides a backdrop of the complexities of ownership Harvard grads are looking to understand.

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