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America's Protestant work ethic culture means that much of our identity is tied up in how we're doing financially, Compeau says, so not being able to provide for your family or pay the bills can cause feelings of embarrassment and shame.Compeau recently saw that firsthand, when he conducted in-depth interviews for a research project with consumers who had suffered major debt problems.

'" Younger people more open The poll found that the older you are, the more reluctant you may be to talk about your credit card debt.'" A tough divorce that drained her savings persuaded her to get serious about tackling her debt, but it wasn't until she started sharing her efforts publicly in her blog,, that she began to have success. "I got really positive comments and feedback from readers who gave me the kick I needed." Smith got a second job at H&R Block and gave up cable TV, movies, her gym membership and other luxuries to cut her living expenses down to two-thirds of her income.A year later, she had paid back every penny of debt.A January 2013 Ohio State University study found that young people are racking up debt at a much higher rate than older generations, and they're also paying it off more slowly."To them, having credit card debt is just status quo," Solomon says.

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