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Many of the coaches’ suggestions, which included gazing at men while leaning forward at a 45 degree angle and avoiding showing excitement during any conversation, provoked considerable outrage both in the national press and on social media.

Journalists and academics complained that the show promoted narcissism, reinforced gender stereotypes, and stigmatized older, single women, but for many Hong Kong citizens it proved to be compelling viewing.

“I went up and down and then I found an attractive girl.

That “must have been sledgehammers going through the doors”, he said. After inspecting his passport, the officer had told him to “get out of there before he changed his mind”.

The man said he was supposed to pay HK0 (US) upfront to the woman, which he did not, and had no idea what had happened to her after he left.

“With so many more women than men in Hong Kong, older men can easily find younger women as their other halves,” says 26-year-old Janice, a public relations adviser.

“It means that men can focus on their career while they're young, and then find their other half at around 30 while women have to worry about focusing on their career and finding love simultaneously.”50 years ago, Hong Kong’s gender ratio was relatively level, but in the past decade, a steady flow of female migrants from the Philippines and Indonesia, seeking work as domestic helpers, have arrived in the territory, and there are now 300,000 of these women registered in Hong Kong.

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