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Here's the entire evenings worth of podcasts collected into one, but otherwise exactly as it was heard that night, glitches and all.

And you can do just that by listening to today's podcast before Monday morning.

(Yes, this podcast was supposed to be up last week.

If he's in love with you, or hates you, or has some sort of feeling toward you whatsoever, Tyler Kyte might very well write a song about you. So instead we just get to hear his outgoing voicemail message and a bunch of The-'s telling us what their favorite Degrassi moments are. Hear all about it, and about the Degrassi season premiere--and about how she and other Degrassi stars show up on The Best Years, and about how Aubrey Graham's a little scared baby--when she talks to The-Seth and The-Mary.

He hasn't written a song about The-Seth or The-Mary yet, but now that he's talked to them, it's clearly just a matter of time. That and more about Jamie's alter-ego and the season finale of Instant Star when The-Mary and The-Seth chat with Kris Turner mere moments after his return from weeks in eastern Europe. In the is extra-big podcast for an extra-big night, Charity Shea, star of The Best Years, recounts her incredifreakinble life for The-Mary and The-Seth, including all the explosions, killer insect swarms, and jumpings of Justin Timberlake's bones.

The-Seth and The-Mary catch up with Stacey Farber to hear about her life in New York City, how there's no Black Friday in Canada, and, oh yeah, how she's flunking out of school and her future is ruined thanks to them. The-Seth and The-Mary call The-Ja Saun to find out who's secretly getting with whom on the sets of Degrassi, Instant Star, and Beyond the Break.

(Not to mention who secretly wants to be getting with whom.) Zoie Palmer plays Patsy, but she's nothing like her. She's lounging at the beach in Santa Monica, chatting with The-Mary and The-Seth about appropriate things to scream while writhing on the floor.

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