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While they can still overpower him,” she added in an undertone, with an unwilling twitch of amusement. He won’t have a real one ‘til he’s five, but his grandmother and his aunt thought he might as well get used to it now.Copyright 2012 This quote is from 'The Space Between': Since it's a cold, windy February day (and we are due to get snow).It was chilly in the street, the leaning buildings shutting out the sun, but the goldsmith's back room was cozy as a womb, with a porcelain stove throbbing with heat and woven wool hangings on the walls.At least consider the act of love produced the child. It was the other world, of cars and ringing telephones, of alarm clocks and mortgages, that seemed unreal and remote, the stuff of dreams.” [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: QOTD for Sunday, February 4, 2018 -- kgp, Sat, February 03 2018, The following quotation is from Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon. Then one night the coughing stopped, and the kent he was dead.(NT) -- Kathy in PA, Sat, February 10 2018, QOTD for Thursday, February 8, 2018 -- kgp, Wed, February 07 2018, The following quotation is from Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon. But Da said they werer so tired, they couldna do more than say a Pater Noster for his soul, and fall asleep.” [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: QOTD for Saturday, February 3, 2018 -- Piper-Mom, Sat, February 03 2018, This quote is from A Trail of Fire, Four Outlander Tales by Diana Gabaldon.The thing did have remarkably small eyes, and its proprietor had opined that it was able to use its remarkable electrical abilities in some way to discern, as well as to electrocute, its prey.[ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: I read this last summer and had forgotten it, to my utter horror.

(NT) -- kgp, Thu, February 22 2018, Tuesday -- kgp, Tue, February 20 2018, The following quotation is from An Echo In The Bone by Diana Gabaldon. " [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: Jamie and Willie meeting is always special! And it's what I love about Diana's writing, showing interactions of people that fit into any aera of time. (NT) -- Oatcake, Fri, February 16 2018, QOTD for Thursday, February 15, 2018 -- Lisa W, Wed, February 14 2018, The following quotation is from "The Scottish Prisoner" by Diana Gabaldon, Copyright 2011. Then I spend an afternoon with my sister's grandies and I'm over it. " Hal stood restlessly twirling the club's terrestrial globe, looking elegant, urbane, and thoroughly indigestible. "There seem remarkably few of them among the pages of novels, by contrast to the maternal variety. She looked up at me, and suddenly she was my little girl again. (NT) -- Kathy in PA, Tue, February 06 2018, QOTD for Monday, February 5th, 2018 -- kgp, Mon, February 05 2018, The following quotation is from A Breath Of Snow And Ashes by Diana Gabaldon. The feeling that reality existed in another time, another place. “They take paupers and criminals from prisons, too.” Young Ian, who had evidently heard the exchange, if not understood it, took the opportunity to stop for a moment, wiping his brow as he leaned on his shovel.

Grey could see that the knuckles of his left hand were swollen and the skin was broken; he’d likely punched Wilberforce in the mouth. Happy to do it again but I worry folk are tired of my selections. Yes, I definitely think William got some of his mother’s attitude.

-- Swarl, Sat, February 24 2018, Jamie’s own face was rough with red stubble and lined with tiredness, his eyes dark and bloodshot. Different things stand out for others and the choices are interesting. And her station in life gave her the freedom to act so spoiled.

The grave lay neatly mounded, though with an opening at the head. He recoiled as though I were made of molten metal, the seized me in his arms, pressed me hard against himself, and kissed me with passionate abandon. (NT) -- swarl - in the middle of a Feb heatwave, Tue, February 20 2018, QOTD for Monday, February 19, 2018 -- kgp, Sun, February 18 2018, The following quotation is from A Breath Of Snow And Ashes by Diana Gabaldon. "If I went back tomorrow, I'd get my ears blistered and my arse, too. No matter how old or young, John takes each person and he finds them and mostly is able to find the good in them. I should have thought you might recall that visit more because of your own misadven- ture than mine." "Mis--" Memory rushed over him, succeeded by a flood of heat, hotter than the humid summer air. I'd managed to expunge that from my memory, until you mentioned it! (NT) -- Oatcake, Wed, February 14 2018, Happy Birthday, Lisa! I truly love this description of the essence of both men and women, particularly when I look at my 20 something DS and DD. ” “Health is an American euphemism for anything to do with sex,” she explained.

He had it in mind to lay the cup there, let Quinn take the bloody thing to hell with him, if he liked. Like the blowing of trumpets, but trumpets such as he had never heard, and the hairs rippled on his body. He didn’t pause to ask himself who it was that was coming, but hastily put on his breeks and coat. He broke off, peered into my face, and gasped, “You’re dead! But I think if I was to be gone longer than a week, she'd be pleased I wasna deid." "Ah. I wonder if he’s so accepting because his whole life is spent hiding who he is. " His father was laughing, and making no attempt to hide it. "I'm sorry, Willie," he said, gasping and wiping his eyes with a corner of his handkerchief. "Harry Quarry's one of my best friends." One thick, ruddy brow went up. I see some of myself and my DH, of who we were, and who we have become. " The wind had dropped momentarily, though the sky was darkening. She was likely still a virgin, and he needn't have William shipped off to China to avoid her brothers." [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: Remember him and Bri when they pretended to be engaged. Germaine James Ian Aloysius Fraser – James Ian for Milord and Monsieur,” he explained, for so he always referred to Jamie and his brother-in-law, Ian Murray. The night was quiet around us, with little sound but the lapping of water, and the occasional scrape of submerged tree branches against the hull. “Your face is my heart, Sassenach,” he said softly, “and love of you is my soul. “They teach girls and boys separately; the girl’s class is The Mysteries of Life, and Ten Ways to Say No to a Boy.” “And the boy’s class?

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