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of how you use your body, your facial expression, willingness to make and hold eye contact, etc., rather than what you actually talk to her about.

His neediness will undermine any possible relationship, and his woman will never be able to trust him.What I mean is this: women for the most part generally know within 45-90 seconds of their first meeting with ANY guy whether or not he has any chance whatsoever to make hay with her romantically. Bungle a first impression and you could very well have an impossible mission ahead of you trying to recover.Guys tend to think they have all sorts of time to slowly grind down a chick by hanging around and repeatedly making a “helpful” pest of himself, either at work or school or whatever.Remember, you want to draw her into your world, not scare her away with boredom! This shows that you have some genuine ambition for yourself and are not just resigned to remaining stuck wherever you currently happen to be in life. Like a well-developed character in a novel, you always want to paint your life experience as being rich and complex in order to hold her fascination…and maybe even get her to join in with your personal ’cause’ as well.

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