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Game playing is for losers and girls who play mind games, tend to manipulative, jealous, and controlling in the long run.

4) Be up front about any health issues: I personally know of several broken marriages because the girls/guys were not open about any major problems they had.

2) Don’t assume the guy is going to pay: There is no bigger turn off than the old fashioned assumption that a man has to pay for everything.

Even doing the half wallet pull, signaling your willingness to pay, is a good thing.

“No different to anyone’s relationship with their parents – Western or Chinese.

It’s just bizarre, that someone who has lived out here for so long, has such prejudicial views.

It seemed like the article had a bunch of kiruv flashes of light to try and convince women not to be too smart, too passionate, or too open.

It’s obvious that Aish is trying to be hip, modern, and sound like Cosmo.

When Aaron says she is “either scraping the bottom of a metaphorical barrel of Western men, or dating local guys, with all the challenges that entail,” one has to wonder what kind of dives she is hanging out in.The lame wordplay of the headline (granted, not her fault) to enforce a lame stereotype – it’s funny because Chinese eat sweet-and-sour pork! It quickly becomes evident, though, that the sub-editor was right on the money.“The streets of [Beijing] are filled with smug-looking Western guys holding hands with their pint-sized Chinese princesses,” Aaron claims.“The irony is, he’s not in any way like that – he couldn’t be further from the truth.He’s more Westernized than most expats.” And the overbearing mother?

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