Dating the book of ezekiel

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He often engaged in ascetic practices and thought of himself as bearing the sins of his people.

One of his main complaints against his countrymen was that they were too complacent and willing to adopt Babylonian customs.

Ezekiel himself was married, lived in his own house, and entertained many prestigious guests.

As a priest exiled from the Temple in which he could practice his craft, Ezekiel certainly suffered spiritually.

(The Gardener Arepo holds and works the wheels/plough) Many scholars continue to question the origin and meaning of this squared, circular phrase.

The Sator square was first thought to be of Christian origin because initial examples of the grid dated to around the 3rd to 5th centuries AD.

Most of the variations, problems, or contradictions with translation seem to arise from the only word of the five which is not a known Latin word; AREPO.

Assuming AREPO to be a possible proper name, though, the most common reading of the square is ‘the farmer/gardener (SATOR) AREPO holds (TENET) and works (OPERA) wheels (ROTAS).

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With ROTAS referring to ‘wheel’, some feel the square holds allusions to passages in Ezekiel.The most recognized word square, known as the Sator Square, contains a mysterious collection of letters.The five, five letter words, positioned inside a 5×5 grid, form a most impressive palindrome of SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS.This powerful arrangement is believed to hold magical qualities and is seen used on amulets, talismans, or charms to ward away evil.Different translations have been suggested for the twenty-five letters.

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