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Ravalli group: a diverse assemblage with numerous subdivisions, only a few of which have been recognized over large enough areas to be distinguished here.Near Idaho the rocks are light colored and siliceous, ranging from pure white quartzite to siliceous shale, mostly in subdued tones of gray, green, purple, and red.Mainly quartzite sandstone in upper part, dark-gray argillite with sandstone and limestone in middle part, and sandstone with argillite in lower part; southeastern Pend Oreille County.Banded slate with quartzite and dolomite; southwestern Stevens County.

Partly coeval with the Saddle Mountains Basalt of the Columbia River Basalt Group (Swanson and others, 1979) Missoula group: chiefly red, maroon, or purple argillite; sandy or quartzitic argillite, and generally impure quartzite and limestone.

Near Missoula the rocks are dark-gray quartzite and quartzitic argillite.

In and near Glacier National Park the Grinnell, Appekunny, and Altyn formations are distinguished.

Locally porphyritic with phenocrysts of alkali feldspar, plagioclase, and minor augite, ferro-hedenbergite, hornblende, hypersthene, or biotite. Many of the ash--flow tuffs exhibit flow features and only obscure vitro-clastic textures.

In places includes interlayers of silicic volcaniclastic rocks and tuffaceous sedimentary rocks.

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