Dating laws in dubai

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contacted a host of well-informed contacts at local malls, the Road and Transport Authority and Dubai Police as well as asking legal experts, including the UAE-based team at firm Cramer-Salamian, to give us the most up-to-date advice.When it comes to the law in Dubai, knowing what is legal and what is illegal is actually quite straightforward.Consumers are only entitled to a repair or refund if the product has a defect and this was noticed during the warranty period.In this situation, consumers are entitled to a cash refund.

If a residence is sublet illegally, a tenant may be evicted before the end of the lease period and could lose the remainder of the rent they have paid.

If there is any doubt, it’s worth asking them to sign a form confirming they have permission from the landlord for you to be there – this will ensure your back is covered.

When renting a property in Dubai, Patel says prospective tenants should ask to see proof of ownership and only deal with registered agents.

It’s advisable to inform your landlord in writing if you intend to sublet.‘It is illegal to rent an apartment or villa in your name and then subsequently rent the rooms out to other tenants,’ explains Priyesh Patel from Aston Pearl Real Estate.

The owner must be informed of those staying in the property and their names should appear in the tenancy agreement, although if the property is large and has a high turnover of tenants then this can be problematic.

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