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[SB: strange choice of words…]” Clearly, Ecuador suffers from a similar reputational stigma as Colombia, and this keeps that majority of gringos away.

The country’s president Rafael Correa is aligned with Venezuela’s widely disparaged Hugo Chavez, both of whom focus their policies on a pro-social agenda.

They’re dangerous and will become more and more frequent.

It’s cheaper and you can share with neighboring tables. One Night Stands: American girls won’t stay for breakfast.

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Sixth, despite the negative attention that the oil sector receives, the country is quite open and friendly to foreigners, and the government makes it easy for them to come to Ecuador with a variety of retirement and investment schemes.

Third, medical care is of reasonable quality; I have never had any issues with minor medical care here (both western and aboriginal), and there are a variety of high quality anti-aging clinics in the country.

For major medical issues, though, I would probably seek aid elsewhere.

But while I wouldn’t take the political risk in Ecuador as an institutional or resource investor, I have no problems being an expat there. Just because the government is going after oil profits doesn’t mean that they want the title to your house in Cuenca.

Dispossessing foreigners of their property would do absolutely nothing for the government, or for ‘the people’ that Correa so desperately wants to please. Today, my goal is to provide you with a short, balanced overview of Ecuador, with the intention of providing more details later this week.

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