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The Customs Office defined "antique" in this way to encourage the importation of antiques from abroad.

Previously "antiques" were anything made before 1820 (rather strict) because of the Industrial Revolution, and the belief that hand-crafted items were superior to machine-made items.

(Ball and claw Chippendale feet on a Queen Anne chair).

Below are a couple of my favorite boxes from my collection that have snipe hinges.Two 'cotter' pins are used to make the snipe hinge and here is a picture of how they are added to the piece of furniture or document box from the website Here is a picture of the snipe hing on the interior of my circa 1790-1800 William and Mary chest over drawers that illustrates that bending back of the pin.They were often more exaggerated or decorated versions of the original classic Chippendale, Queen Anne, Hepplewhite and Sheraton designs.Chairs are always easiest to identify, I find, because different elements of these styles would be mixed together.

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