Black american women dating nigerian man

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I did use “Africans” in a sweeping way, but there’s still so much room for conversation to be had.

I’d love for it happen in a forum space one of these days.

It makes you feel special.” She has also branded Kenyan men as liars and unromantic – at least most of them. Nigerian men dress and smell good, and often their women are meant to be a reflection of who they are. You see that beautiful hair, I took her to the salon.” With the West Africans it’s not a struggle. Gratitude is such a powerful emotion, and the benefits of practicing gratitude are nearly endless.

*Hellen says the reason she would prefer to date a Nigerian man is because they treat their women with more respect. And just like our Kenyan men, when they are a broke ass, they are a broke ass.

Even though the official population of women exceeds that of men, Kenyan males are not happy about all the interest the women have suddenly developed for Nigerian men.

What started off with trepidation because of all Nigerian men in Kenya being suspected to be drug dealers or con artists, is now in full swing because honest businessmen and diplomats from the West African nation have nearly wiped out that notion.

“Even if they were being unfaithful to you, you would never be able to guess. But when they have money, unlike our Kenyan men, they will spend it on us.” She says with Kenyan men, they will rarely spend their cash on their girlfriends, preferring to lavish gifts on their ‘ndogo ndogos’ instead.

They buy you clothes, flowers and other beautiful things without expecting anything in return. In Nigerian-Kenyan relationships the first attraction is grooming.

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