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Of course, any combination of these factors can influence a woman to stay in a relationship marked with domestic violence.

Pregnancy when domestic violence is present can bring even more difficulties. In addition to the danger faced by the pregnant mother, an unborn child exposed to domestic violence is at risk of being miscarried, born prematurely, under-weight or under-developed (Libuku et al., 2008).

For example, women who experience abuse during pregnancy have shown higher levels of anxiety, depression and emotional stress (Pires de Almeida, C., Sá, E., Cunha, F., & Pires, E. Prenatal domestic violence has an impact on the important time when mothers are beginning to form a relationship with the child they are carrying.

Some survivors of domestic violence grew up in homes with similar violence, so women may not believe that it is possible to have a relationship that isn’t coloured by domestic violence.In Canada, 3,491 women and their 2,724 children sleep in shelters each night because they are not safe at home (Of course, these numbers do not account for all instances of domestic violence, since many victims are still at home.Maybe you learned about it from your child’s social worker before your child joined your family, or perhaps your children have shared their experiences with you.But maybe you weren’t aware of this aspect in your child’s history, as it possible that it did not come to the attention of child welfare or other professionals.

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