Backdating social security retirement benefit

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“It’s extremely difficult for most people to keep papers for more than three years.We are constantly changing residences and moving to rural areas and papers and other things get lost,” this person said, adding that NSSA has offices and computers and should be better placed to look after the forms. Benefit claim forms should only be submitted when the person making the claim is eligible for the benefit.The claim should be submitted within 12 months of retirement if a retirement pension is being claimed.If a retirement pension claim is submitted after the date of retirement, but within one year of it, the general manager may allow backdating the pension to the date of retirement.To prevent such a problem arising some people, who have retired early from their companies and have no intention of working again, have obtained the P9/P10 form and asked the employer to fill in the employer section of the form, even though it will be several years before they are eligible to claim a retirement benefit.

That claim can only legitimately be made when the claimant is eligible for the benefit.

When a NSSA pension fund contributor retires at age 60 or 65 or, in some cases 55, he or she should claim a retirement benefit by completing National Social Security Authority (NSSA) Claim Form P9/10 and submitting it to the nearest NSSA office.

Section D of the form should be completed by the claimant’s last employer, verifying the individual’s employment and monthly insurable earnings over the previous 12 months.

Section D provides not only confirmation of employment, but details of monthly insurable earnings and contributions for the 12 months prior to retirement.

This is important information, as the amount of a person’s pension from NSSA depends in part on the insurable earnings prior to retirement.

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