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“It seems that more girls are getting kinda bullied because guys are commenting sexual stuff.I’ve seen a few girls getting called ‘hoes.’” “I’ve used it a couple times to see what it’s all about,” June also told Select All, noting she’d received both positive and negative comments.When it comes to your crush, you always want to find a way to let them know you’re interested… I’ve seen this so many times, and honestly, it’s never easy to watch. #13 Are you looking to get a boyfriend/girlfriend anytime soon? #17 What would you do if I told you how attractive you are? #19 What’s your biggest turn on when dating someone? A lot of times, people think that flirting should be straight-forward so the “flirtee” gets the hint. [Read: 6 subtle questions you can ask your crush to know if they like you back] #14 What’s the one thing that makes you the happiest? Kids will embed their Sarahah link into a snap in their Snap Story — in layman’s terms, they’ll post the link where all their Snapchat followers can access it — where friends, or anybody if their account is public, can click it and anonymously comment.(Snap, which only recently began allowing links in Stories, did not respond to Select All’s request for comment regarding Sarahah.) The next step, of course, is to screenshot all the complimentary comments you’ve received — or all the cruel ones — and upload those images to your Snap Story as a humble brag.

[Read: 9 quick ways to know if your crush isn’t into you] #1 Have you been working out? #3 How can someone like you not have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

The personal dilemmas posted range from relationship questions such as 'I'm getting married next week and I'm having doubts, is that normal?

' to questions about sexual dysfunction, career changes and secret crushes.

The app, launched last month by two London advertising executives, Ed and Rob Watts, harnesses the power of 'collective intelligence', a buzz phrase coined by Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg about the future of the Internet. ' reads one response, while another says, 'You should tell her for the long term good of the relationship' (right)One user asks: 'My long term girlfriend is bad in bed...shall I tell her?

Co-creator Ed said: 'Using anonymity has allowed us to remove all of the social norms that can unknowingly skew a person's opinion, such as relationships, history, social background, age, race or gender.

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