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The solution may not be most effectively rooted in punishing the youngster for the behavior, or even attempting to explain the situation from the perspective of their injured peer, but by treating the root cause behind the motivation for the misbehavior (e.g., maybe the Aspergers youngster can be made more comfortable in class so that he will not want to leave).

One of the means to achieve this may be to focus on the positive.

Social stories have proven to be a particularly successful tactic in decreasing a youngster's anxiety by providing clear instructions on how part of her day is likely to play out.For example, if an Aspergers youngster becomes fixated on reading a particular story each night, she may become distressed if this regime is not adhered to, or if the story is interrupted.Again, the use of a behavior diary can assist in identifying fixations for your youngster.Combat your youngster's anxiety by making her bedroom a place of safety and comfort.Remove or store items which might be prone to injure your youngster if she decides to wander at night.

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