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Then, you will have access to a great compilation of different kind of social games: poker rooms, management games, tetris-like games. Here's one of the major players in the messaging board, and indeed one of the strongest alternatives if your current service is about to expire. Thus, you may give and receive free voice & video calls to/from your contacts.

Since they're social games, every time you play them you will be competing against other players. Of course, you'll have to win your friends over. It has to be said though, that that feature is beta and doesn't work as good as it should so far. A social network for meeting people from other cultures and countries. If you are one of the 100 millions of users that are already on you will like to stay connected to that social network from your Android.

To a greater or lesser extent, all social networks can help you to meet, chat and date people.

However, things go much easier if we don't wander off the point.

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Especially in cities and highly populated urban areas. There is a wide range of parking-related apps, but Smart Community Pa…

A smart bot that helps you in your daily activities.

Data Bot is an interesting virtual robot application that works as your personal assistant and fountain of neverending knowledge.

This Data Bot application works through modules of information, so you can easily teach her new content by installing upgrades. Track sleep length and quality, detect noise and motion, wake up according to sleep cycle.

Ever wanted to find out what really happens during that mysterious third of your life you spend in the realm of the Sandman?

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